March 8th, 2024

Features of Mediterranean villas

There is often talk about the Mediterranean villas and Mediterranean architecture; but what do we actually mean by this? There isn't really a clear definition; it is more about the presence of a number of characteristics that we encounter in Mediterranean style houses. Naturally, these properties are inspired by the desire to make life in and around a house in a Mediterranean climate as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Attractive patio with sea views in a Mediterranean style villa.

In this blog we present a number of modern and traditional properties actually for sale that we believe fall within this category. In each example we have highlighted a certain characteristic feature to illustrate what we mean by the Mediterranean style.

Indoor - Outdoor living

This concept is characterized by an effort to make the transition from interior to exterior as unnoticed as possible.

This is achieved by large glass surfaces, the same floor finish inside and outside and a southern orientation of the integrated indoor-outdoor spaces.

We find these features in this modern villa in Platja d'Aro.

Terrace with swimming pool of a modern house with a view to the sea.
Modern villa between Calonge and Platja d'Aro

Use of natural materials

The natural stone finish is immediately noticeable in this beautiful single-storey villa on the golf course in Pals. This is often alternated with plastered walls, but in this example the ocher-colored stone has a lot of protagonism.

The use of natural materials naturally stems from the fact that in the past the construction of houses could only be done with building materials that were found in the immediate vicinity, such as in this case stones from local rocks.

Natural stone facade of villa with swimming pool and large terrace.
Characteristic villa on the golf course in Pals

Enjoying the sun to the fullest, even in winter

An optimal position of a south-facing terrace is essential to be able to enjoy the sun outside in the lee of the north wind, even in winter.

Even better is a so-called Patio, which in many cases offers even more protection.

The very charming villa in Castell d'Aro below has a spacious patio with 4 walls, one of which has a large opening to enjoy the beautiful sea view.

Beautiful patio with opening in a wall with beautiful sea views.
Cosy patio with beautiful sea views in Castell d'Aro

Brick floor

Early Mediterranean houses were built with whatever materials were available to builders. A good example of this are the brick floors with tiles called “tobas” in Catalunya.

We find an application of this in a villa in Vall Llobrega by the architect Prat Marsó; the entire house has a floor with these tobas.

Interior with brick tiled floor in a modern villa by Prat Marsó.
Interior with brick floor in villa in Vall Llobrega near Palamos

Facades with arched structures

The arched structures that we encounter in the traditional style villas on the Costa Brava come from the Italian Renaissance.

A good example of this is found in a relatively recent villa in Calonge where the Mediterranean character has been further enhanced by the color of the house and the beautiful palms in the garden.

Façade with arched openings with swimming pool and pebble terrace.
Façade of a villa for sale in Calonge

Vaulted ceilings

Mediterranean properties often have high, vaulted ceilings that make the rooms seem more spacious.

A good example of this are the so-called Catalan vaults that originated in the Roman era.

We still find these construction methods in many village houses, such as in this house in the medieval center of Calonge

Vaulted ceiling in rustic styled living room with iron fireplace in a village house in Calonge.
Living room with vaulted ceiling in a village house in Calonge

Great interest in Mediterranean style houses among buyers

There is growing interest among international and national buyers for properties on the Costa Brava. It is not surprising that villas or houses with Mediterranean features are high on their list.

At Porfinca we have a large and active database of buyers and therefore feel free to contact us if you are thinking about selling your house. We will be happy to assist you with advice and will do everything we can to bring your home to the attention of the right buyer as optimally as possible.