We will get your Costa Brava property in front of the right buyer

Our team of skilled professionals is on hand at every stage to guide and advise you throughout the selling process. We have the market knowledge, the network and the right marketing tools to sell your property at the best price.

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Why sell with Porfinca Costa Brava Properties?

Our experienced team is ready to sell your Costa Brava property, achieving the best price in the fastest possible time.

  • Local market leaders

    Since 1998 we are successfully dedicated to the sale of properties of all categories in the central Costa Brava. This approach positions us as the expert and leader in our area; many buyers trust us for this reason.

  • International focus

    The majority of real estate transactions are closed with international clients. We are therefor present in all international media and daily we receive a large number of inquiries from international clients. We have a wide portfolio of Costa Brava home searchers.

  • Multilingual team

    Our advisors are fluent in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Cast., Catalan. It allows us to quickly create a relationship of trust with buyers. This is fundamental in the case of intermediation in real estate transactions.

  • Digital Marketing excellence

    We apply the latest state of the art technology in the field of search engine optimisation, digital footprint, social media etc. to ensure that potential interested buyers see your published property for sale as quickly as possible.

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Our international buyers' network is extensive and highly qualified.

Did you know that 80% of real estate transactions on the Costa Brava are carried out by international clients? Our extensive network of international buyers means that we can quickly promote your property to the right people, helping us to find a suitable buyer and a quick and safe sale.

A proven track record

We've already helped hundreds of clients to sell their Costa Brava property.

We'd love to feature you among our happy clients.

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We are the most recommended real estate agency on the Costa Brava, with over 25 years of history and hundreds of satisfied customers.

We will use all the tools at our disposal to present and promote your property, including state of the art photography, floor plans, videos and 360º drone photography.

We will also maximise your property’s profile with listings on national and international property portals, on social media and in our offices. Once a buyer has been found, we will negotiate the sale and help you with any after-sales administration. We will do this as smoothly and simply as possible, all while keeping in communication with you every step of the way.

Our buyers' network is up-to-date and of the highest quality, which means that we are able to promote your property directly to a database of qualified, prospective buyers.

How will you sell my Costa Brava property?

Our selling process is clear, transparent and with a history of selling success.

  • Let's talk

    We'll get things started with a chat. We'll find out everything abut your property and your sale goals, we'll advise from our experience and knowledge of the market and we'll explain how we can help.

  • Your property valuation

    Our team of experts will give you an honest and transparent property evaluation. We'll explain current price expectations and will provide relevant historical data and analysis.

  • Our experts review the documentation

    We control if the information of the registry and cadastre are in accordance. If not, we propose an adjustment plan. We verify the Cedula and Energy Certificate. All this so as not to waste time once the buyer is found.

  • We prepare the Media Kit

    We give our recommendations for Homestaging. Our photographer works magic and makes a very professional presentation. In the vast majority of cases we make a video, aerial photos and we prepare a map of the distribution of your house for publication on the web.

  • We execute the Marketing-Sales plan

    We design ads in 6 languages for portals and social media. We highlight your home on our website and our agency-showcase. We publish your house all over the world in the most relevant international real estate portals.

  • Our real estate experts start to interact with buyers

    We offer your home to our extensive network of contacts. We answer all requests from interested parties in their own language. We visit and show your home to potential buyers.

  • Negotiating and closing the real estate transaction

    We advise the buyer in obtaining a mortgage if necessary. We assist with the preparation of renovation-projects if this is important at this stage. We negotiate the best possible price. We take care of all the documentation. We draw up the deposit-contract and manage the signature process.

  • We sell your Property!

    We prepare and coordinate the Deed at the notary. We accompany you in the signatures!

  • After sales service.

    We take care of the correct handling towards utility companies, the local municipal authorities and the national government. You are hereafter always welcome to contact us for any questions that may arise.

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