April 11th, 2024

The importance of the digital footprint to sell your house on the Costa Brava

The world as we knew it is gone, it has evolved. We are used to consulting the internet for all information or purchases of products or services. When searching on the internet, we leave digital traces, which are also used by leading real estate agents to approach potential buyers.

Technology never ceases to surprise us and day after day offers us new digital tools that help us evolve and discover new horizons. Digital techniques that are now also evident in the real estate sector. An example? The effectiveness of the digital footprint.

A great solution for those who want to sell their property and attract potential buyers.

We will tell you, below, the importance of the digital footprint to sell.

How your digital footprint will help you sell your property?

Every "like" on Social Networks, every "repost", every search on Google, every link you access... absolutely everything is recorded in the cloud.

This trace that we leave on the Internet when we browse is the well-known digital footprint. According to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, it is "information collected on a remote computing device with the aim of identifying it, singling it out and, thereby, continuing to monitor the user's activity."

As a result of the data collection that the network carries out, we specifically know everything that interests the future buyer. We know your preferences, behaviors, characteristics, tastes, etc.

How Porfinca applies the fingerprint to find the buyer?

At Porfinca, a real estate agency on the Costa Brava, we are committed to helping our owners benefit from all those people who are actively searching for homes. That is why we use all this data to display our wide range of available homes before the eyes of buyers.

We implement a highly studied remarketing system that allows us to reach, directly, all those buyers who at some point have shown interest in one of our homes, have visited our website or have interacted with our agency.

In this way, we are able to quickly and efficiently find a buyer with specific characteristics consistent with the homes of each owner.

Modern interior with views of the terrace in an apartment in the center of Platja d'Aro; modern Catalan vault ceilings.

Sell your property with Porfinca

At Porfinca we firmly believe in personalized advice that is completely adapted to the needs of our clients. Only in this way will we achieve a 100% successful transaction.

We offer you a service and professionalism that differentiates us:

• We are deeply knowledgeable about the area

• We speak your language

• We value your home

• We will accompany you throughout the entire process

• We will get you the best price on the market

• We take care of all the documentation

• We advise you in the negotiation

• We accompany you to the signing.

Now that you know the importance of the digital footprint to sell your property and everything we can do to help you, do not hesitate to contact our real estate advisors so they can advise you on the appropriate sales process.

Do you want to sell your property on the Costa Brava? Visit us.