May 24th, 2024

Types of properties and their prices in Calonge

The property market in Calonge is varied and dynamic, reflecting the diversity of its real estate supply and demand from both local residents and foreigners.   Below we provide you with an overview of the present housing market in Calonge

Beach of Sant Antoni taken from Torrevalentina and showing blue sea, blue sky en the boulevard.

Types of properties


Location: Mainly in areas like Sant Antoni de Calonge

Features: Modern, with access to services and beaches. Ideal for those looking for a vacation residence or a home with less maintenance. 

Seaviews from inside an apartment in Calonge.
Apartment with impressive sea views in Calonge

Terraced houses

Location: Distributed in several urbanizations and Calonge town. 

Features: Medium sized properties, perfect for families. They offer a balance between more space and low maintenance.

Facade and garden of terraced house in Sant Antoni de Calonge.
Townhouse 100 meters from the beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge

Villas and Chalets

Location: Predominantly in urbanizations such as Mas Pallí, Mas Pere, Vizcondado de Cabanyes and Mas Ambrós. 

Features: Detached properties with sea views, private gardens and often swimming pools. Ideal for those seeking privacy and a more spacious environment.

Facade with covered terrace of villa with swimming pool in Calonge. Background with other villas on mountain.
Beautiful villa with pool in Vizcondado de Cabanyes

Countryhouses and farmhouses

Location: In more rural and mountainous areas around Calonge. 

Features: Traditional Catalan properties, often with large tracts of land. They are popular with those looking for a more rural and authentic lifestyle.

Countryhouse with covered terrace in front under blue sky in Llagostera.
Country house sold by Porfinca Costa Brava properties

Prices of properties 

Prices vary significantly depending on the type of property, its location, and specific features. Here's a general estimate: 

  • Apartments: Prices can range between 150,000 and 400,000 euros, depending on the proximity to the sea and the services offered. 

  • Townhouses: Between 250,000 and 600,000 euros, with variations depending on size and location. 

  • Villas and Chalets: Prices vary widely, from 300,000 to more than 2 million euros, especially in exclusive developments with sea views. 

  • Fincas and Farmhouses: They can vary from 500,000 euros to several million, depending on the size of the land and the condition of the property.

Market demand 

  • Local Residents: There is a constant demand for family properties, especially in areas with good services and schools. 

  • International Buyers: Calonge remains very popular with foreign buyers, especially from Northern Europe, looking for holiday or retirement homes. 

  • Investors: The vacation rental market is thriving, attracting investors looking to generate income through resort properties. 

Market tendencies

  • Growth in Luxury Properties: There is an increase in the construction and demand for high-end properties, especially villas with sea views and exclusive features. 

  • Sustainability: A growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly properties, reflecting the global trend towards greener living. 

  • Digitalization: Increased use of digital platforms for the purchase, sale and rental of properties, facilitating the process for international buyers and sellers.

Tips for Buyers 

Research: It is crucial to research different developments and areas to find the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Professional Advice: Working with leading local real estate agents can provide valuable information and facilitate the buying process. 

Legal Considerations: Make sure you understand all legal aspects related to purchasing property in Spain, including taxes and regulations.  At Porfinca we help our clients throughout the entire process.

The housing market in Calonge offers attractive opportunities for various types of buyers, from those seeking a permanent residence to investors and second home buyers.

At Porfinca, our real estate agents will be happy to advise you in your native language with the choice of the right living area and the purchase of your house with all the important legal and financial aspects involved.