Santa Cristina d'Aro

An ideal holiday destination or your perfect residence to enjoy the mountains and the sea.

Santa Cristina d'Aro

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Santa Cristina d'Aro highlights

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  • Cala Canyerets

    A characterful bay of only 70 m accessible via the Rosamar urbanization.

  • Dolmen of Daina

    This megalithic dolmen is located near Romanyá de la Selva and is dated to around 2700–2200 BCE.

  • Romanya de la Selva

    Documented since 1019, this small village features a few town houses, a presbytery, a church and very good restaurants.

  • Bike track El Carrilet

    Built on an old railway line that linked Sant Feliu to Girona, this cycle path crosses Santa Cristina

  • Santa Market

    Summer attraction with food, music and entertainment in July and August

  • Golf Costa Brava

    One of the first golf courses built on the Costa Brava

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Santa Cristina d'Aro

The unbeatable geographical location of Santa Cristina d'Aro, surrounded by the protected natural area of the Gavarres and Ardenya, offers nature and sport lovers an ideal destination. It is a large commune with beautiful residential areas such as Les Teules, Vall Repos, Roca de Malvet, St Miguel d’Aro and Rosamar.

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