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Properties for sale in Calonge

Calonge is a very popular destination at the Costa Brava. The majority of the Porfinca portfolio of properties for sale are situated in one of the urbanisations like Vizcondado de Cabanyes, Mas Pere, Rio d'Oro, Finca Verd, Mas Palli and Mas Ambros.

The urbanisations in Calonge

Most of the villas and houses for sale in Calonge are located in so-called urbanisations; these urbanisations started years ago as a private initiative, but more and more these urbanisations have become public and managed by the local authorities.

Vizcondado de Cabanyes and Rio de Oro are examples of public residential areas, Finca Verd is still a private urbanisation, while Mas Pere is in the process of transition from private to public.

Vizcondado de Cabanyes

This is a very popular residential area among buyers as well as people hiring holiday homes. Distance to the center of Calonge is about 2 km and the beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge is situated at only about 5 km.

Most properties are oriented South and featuring sea views over the bay of Palamos. The residential area is very well layed out and perfectly maintained. It is a public managed area.

Mas Pere

Mas Pere is situated behind Calonge ( coming from the beaches) and undergoes presently (2023) important infrastructural works. The area suffered a long time from bad roads etc but will become one of the nicest areas in Calonge.

Most villas are oriented South and feature sea views as well as views over the vineyards and other green areas surrounding Calonge. The residential area is managed by the municipality of Calonge

Rio d'Oro

Situated ver close to Mas Pere, this area is already "public" and underwent some years ago infrastructural improvements.

Finca Verd

This area is as close to Calonge as well as to the beaches and is still privately managed. It is a relatively small residential area and features a nice community swimming pool and green area.

Properties here are oriented South and the majority have nice sea views.